Why The Youth?

Why Listen to us?

We, the authors of this site, have been studying and investing in the stock market for years. Through the years, we noticed when talking about stocks to older investors, they didn’t quite understand some of our ideas and reasonings. This was because they didn’t know where we were coming from. That’s why we created youthstockperspective, to deliver ideas and trends about companies that can’t quite be seen in the eyes of the middle-aged man, because of the different viewpoints.

When evaluating certain companies most investors only read the articles written by people working on Wall Street.  While these analysts do provide good information and insight, the authors can only speak from the perspective of what usually is an adult.

What is popular with teenagers and young adults could be a sign of what the future could look like. For example, if teens start to like a new social media site, it could be a sign of what social media sites could start to fade away and which ones could grow larger down the road.

Many products are targeted towards the youth and therefore the youth have a different perspective on that specific product or concept than the average analyst doesn’t. Also, the youth go to school every day and are able to pick up on market swaying trends before many adults.

By listening to the youth, one can gain unique perspectives that the average Wall Street analysis doesn’t have.